Posted by: rogermitchell | November 1, 2009

my thesis

I am currently writing up a PhD in Church, Gospel and Empire: A theological enquiry into the manner and extent in which empire has impacted ecclesial formation and displaced originary gospel principles in the course of church history



  1. By ‘Church, Gospel and Empire’ I’m assuming you mean ‘Ecclesia, Gospel and Empire’?.. reference your previous post. :0)

    • Thanks Tim. I take this as somewhat tongue in cheek. But seriously I have already wondered about revisiting all my previous references to church and swapping them for ecclesia. I tried using the word ecclesia for church a few years back at the beginning of my current research but my late supervisor thought it would mystify too much. So I am limiting the shift from church to ecclesia to contexts where I think it will serve understanding not confuse it. In many instances, of course, the word church actually does refer to an imperially shaped expression of ecclesia.

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