Posted by: rogermitchell | November 1, 2009

Welcome to my blog which began today November 1st 2009. It will take a little while to get up and running properly so please be patient!



  1. Glad you’ve turned up.

    I’ve been meaning to look you up on the web, but have only actually done it today, a couple of days after you start a blog. As I’ve just read on Martin Scott’s blog, ‘It is only possible to see at the right time’.

    Thanks for going to the effort of doing this, Roger.

  2. Hi Roger! great to see that you are (maybe) a bit more ‘available’… Trying to stay (or get) in contact has not proved to be easy. We are still in Derry and seeing, but sometimes more ‘not seeing’…but keeping in touch with Martin’s blog has been helpful and so I hope it will be with yours!! Your journey is very different, yet the same as well: grappling with huges structures in place for many, many years. Who are we? But then again, God says ‘I will shake!'(Haggai). Blessing to you and Sue. Gerrit.

  3. Thanks Gerrit!

  4. Dear Roger,
    Fantastic to read your blog… Will keep up-to-date with it…
    – Philip

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