Posted by: rogermitchell | November 8, 2009

seeds of change

Today is a big day for us. We are dedicating our grandson to Jesus this afternoon. My eldest son does not “go to church” but he emphatically is part of the ecclesia and seen to be so in his daily life in marriage, family and work. So rather than ask how he gets fellowship and stuff like that, occasions like these are an exciting opportunity to shape fresh ways of being the people of God. Today Sue and I are in two roles, grandparents and ministers of God’s promise. The people of God are constantly being challenged to work out the interplay of different roles like these. We have the privilege of our common humanity as children of God alongside every other human being, and the specific calling of serving them with Jesus’ promise and way of life. Thank you Holy Spirit for making this possible! Over the next few days I will be developing some of the practicalities and implications of these roles on the ‘seeds of change’ page. This month’s Daywatch will be taking further last month’s material on the Holy Spirit and the subsequent responses. This will also be relevant to the changing role of ministry gifts, and will be found on the ‘Daywatch entries’ page once I have finished it.



  1. What a nice discovery for a Tuesday morning – great words, happy photo. Been wanting to learn a bit more of the stuff you’ve been uncovering in your studies so really looking forward to more.

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