Posted by: rogermitchell | November 14, 2009

connecting with God

I’ve been thinking a lot about connecting with God to the maximum, which is a great idea whoever you are as long as you are ready for the consequences. The thing is that given that God is spirit then you have to exercise your spirit to properly communicate. The apostle Paul made the interesting comment that no-one knows the thoughts of a person except the spirit of that person. From that you can argue that if you stop and ask yourself what you are thinking then you are exercising your spirit. Well that’s a start!

My old supervisor suggests in his new book that every wink, blink or gesture can open you up to eternity if you let it. I think his point is that every involuntary movement you consciously stop and choose can become one of those ‘time in between times’ when eternity can break in. These eternal instants are opportunities to break free from the tyranny of time itself and have the potential to disrupt all manner of forms of empire. He calls them eschatological moments when the future can come and meet you wherever you are! These are potentially moments of significant change in which the kingdom of God can break in. These are not just religious experiences¬† but opportunities for shifts in our personal relationships, job situations and political worlds. If it’s the God whose just like Jesus that we are connecting with then his way of being is but a moment away.

Of course when you do enter the eternal now like this it is important to realise that God is not the only Spirit out there. This is why not all forms of consciousness and happenings that humans can induce connect us to God. I think this is what it means that Jesus is the door. At the fulness of time he took a step that changed everything. Law, control, judgement, the whole empire deal was trumped by his hand. Connect in his name and his love, mercy, presence and provision come tumbling through!


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