Posted by: rogermitchell | November 27, 2009

any questions for collaboration?

Hi all you bloggers! I’m beginning to realise that some of you are regulars as well as random surfers. Having just finished writing up a major chapter of my research I am now focusing on a paper on church, sovereignty and money in the genesis of modernity that I will be giving at the Anabaptist theology forum next week. As a result, apart from posting a stray paragraph on Stanley Hauerwas, a contemporary Anabaptist theologian, on the theopolitics page, [I explain why I describe him as such there], I am not brimming with any stirring new subject to post here. This has made me think about who clicks on and why and made me decide to offer to give a considered opinion on any stuff anyone would like me to have a go at, within reason, and then we can get a discussion up and running. So feedback and any questions please …



  1. Hey there Roger – loving the blog!

    I’d love you to explore some of your thoughts on the role of the angelic in creation and how we are to work with them!


    Jonny Viner

  2. Roger,
    In various places in the last few years, you’ve made some significant comments about the “nation-state”. I’d love to hear those comments drawn together into a statement about the nation/state as we know it today and the effect that you think that has on our theology.

  3. Roger,
    Here’s another one, that might simply go under your “money” discussions:

    For churches and individuals, what’s your take on “tax-exempt” giving, like where, in the States, we as missionaries seek to provide a tax-exempt organization for our supporters to give through, so that the givers can claim a tax credit, or in the UK with Stewardship Services (interesting name), where the ministry can claim a tax credit (if I understand it correctly).

    Are we colluding with “the State” or with “Mammon” to go down this path? Certainly this is a question that touches me personally, but I know that the Church in general is affected by how we seek an advantageous financial position vis-a-vis the government.

    Thanks again,

  4. Taking the idea of tax-exempt giving a step further, I wonder about the whole concept of subsidies and grants that can be obtained from various organisations from the EU down to local government. Many NGOs including those connected with the church accept subsidies or grants to develop their own work, sometimes leading to compromise of their own ideals, sometimes it augments their work and sometimes it develops relationships but should the church be doing it in the first place?

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