Posted by: rogermitchell | December 9, 2009

this month’s daywatch guidelines for prayer and mindset change

The new daywatch guidelines are now posted on the daywatch entries page. For those of you unfamiliar with the daywatch, it is a means of resourcing some hundreds of people across Europe who have been praying for the resurrection of the work of the kingdom of God in the continent. This began with the nightwatch for Europe in which weekly guidelines were provided throughout a five year period. By September 2008 many of those praying and many more that they were praying for experienced a radical new positioning of the ecclesia into the world. In response the weekly nightwatch shifted to a monthly daywatch for prayer and mindset change for the repositioned ecclesia. The monthly guidelines are sent by email and posted on the blog at as well as here



  1. Roger: great stuff. I’ve been thinking and thinking about this moment in history right now. It is clearly a day of reckoning for the powers that be – I mean that in terms of earthly powers that think they be, especially western nations. It is fascinating to watch the posturing and the wrong moves, and at times heart breaking. But how wonderful that the developing nations are present at Copenhagen and holding us (the richer part of the world) to account.

    A moment of reckoning opens the way to repentance and that is so important. We have the opportunity, again, right now, to seek the Kingdom. I’ve struggled with so many who call themselves Christians and yet appear to have hard hearts on this issue. I have been completely taken aback by friends who tell me they have no need to repent, that the next generation will have to take what it gets. It does highlight the difference between those seeking the Kingdom and those who attend church as a club of some sorts.

    An reckoning is an opportunity for repentance but then comes redemption. God always chooses redemption even if we cannot see or understand it. Our hearts should long for that. Our ears should hear the deafening cries of Creation as it too cries out for that.

    What a moment this is. One of vision, fear, paranoia, hope, despair, reckoning, repentance and redemption. Amazing. If nothing else we know that all will be different as we go forward from this moment, whatever we decide.

    Here is the link to an article on Alternet yesterday that highlights the meaning of this moment.–_only_a_%27human_movement%27_can_save_civilization_from_the_climate_crisis


  2. Cheryl – you are always so spot on with encapsulating what I think too, especially your last para about the times. I was talking with someone this morning and he was expressing his concern about what is happening in the world – with which I empathise (as you say, there is a lot of fear, paranoia, anxiety out there) BUT, I am soooo hopeful at this moment in history with what God is doing, especially the mindset changes he is releasing to us as we are the ones who carry out his purposes. We must keep our eyes on him – and in so doing, step up to the plate and be part of the generation that really does respond.
    It’s all about hope! Jane

  3. And what a marvelous reckoning today as the G77 walked out of the Copenhagen talks. The goal – to get rich countries, those who have done the polluting and prospered from it, to pay up. I’ve been praying that the Kingdom would be seen and spoken in Copenhagen and then there is Desmond Tutu speaking hope to the whole situation. Wow. Now come the opportunities for repentance and redemption. Despite all the bad news facing us it almosts makes me want to get up and dance. c.

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