Posted by: rogermitchell | December 16, 2009

where I’m at

I think it’s important to know where you agree or disagree with someone, not so that you can part ways – far from it – but so you can allow their perspective to become a useful catalyst for your own current standpoint on the journey with God. For this reaon I thought it would be good to restate where I am currently at! Basically my life and research has led me to conclude that the contemporary nation state and what we Christians have generally described as local church are both products of the partnership of ecclesia and empire. As a result, instead of being identified with the little stone projected at the base of empire in Nebuchadnezzar’s vision [Dan 2], both the nation state and the church of today are manifestations of the statue itself.  To say it again another way, the ecclesia has undergone a radical reconfiguring that came to a head at the time of the emperor Constantine and Eusebius of Caesarea in order to partner with empire. Since then the two constructs of church and empire have interpenetrated and reinforced each other in a variety of ways. While the Celtic mission managed to maintain a measure of freedom from the partnership with Rome, and other expressions of ecclesia attempted to continue outside it and within it, before, during and after the reformation,  this fundamental shape has continued until now.  It is these misshaped and disfunctional constructs of church and state that the current climax of the last three generations of Holy Spirit visitation are at last bringing to an end. The ecclesia of God is emerging and is being positioned by the Spirit towards the feet of the stronghold of empire in order to bring it down. But precisely because the contemporary manifestation of empire is the result of the mismarriage of ecclesia and empire it is therefore also the offspring of the ecclesia. What we are bringing down is therefore something that we should want to redeem as much as possible, because we are responsible for it both as human beings and as ecclesia. In any case we have to come in the opposite spirit to that of empire. We come in love and mercy: for God so loved the world [Jn 3:16] and the church [Eph 5:25] that he gave…


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