Posted by: rogermitchell | December 21, 2009

Good, good, good, good, good, VERY GOOD!

This is God’s verdict on creation, five times good and then very good. And we made the difference (Gen 1:10,12,18, 21, 25, 31). Humankind is the peak of God’s creation. All good and with us very good. When we wrecked it he didn’t give up. He was even ready to sweep away the good, but never the very good. Instead he joined humanity and changed the nature of his being forever. Now there is humanity in God and we can share his divinity. Christmas is forever amazing. Yesterday it became more so for us when we became grandparents yet again! Life shifted a gear once more for us from good to very good. Or should I say very good to very very good? And what does that make it for God? Exponentially billions of times very good each time a child is born. What will our little Imogen become? And what of the unique individual multitudes of births today? These simple profundities have immense implications for how each of us give the gift of our lives to the world and immediately orientate us to the infinite worth of every child. So whatever else it leads to, the gift of our lives has to begin with the needs of each birth over which God rejoices but that is denied the fulness of creation by the neglect or abuse of the rest of us. The birth in the stable is the ultimate identification with every birth displaced by the powers of empire. Our rejoicing at the gift of a beautiful baby girl and all our rejoicings at the Christmas story demand a response to the question that underlies all human integrity, how given are our lives to restore the inheritance of the displaced and undo the powers that destroy the superlative good?


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