Posted by: rogermitchell | January 5, 2010

a bit of update on the prophetics page

I have added a new post on the prophetics page.  Lots of folk head there and it has been stationary for some weeks.  But the discussion of the last day or two on ecclesia, nation state and the kingdom of God has highlighted the need for the prophetic re-imagining of ecclesial and social practice.  It seems to me, when you think about it, that all prophecy is theopolitics. Prophecies either covertly legitimate the present or past view of the world, or they subvert it. While the mercy of God has allowed for some aspects of the kingdom to survive in both the present and the past and we need to be thankful for that, all prophecy must I think be subversive in imagining and choreographing the breakthrough of the new heaven and the new earth. So in expectation of a new raft of imaginings I have given the page a stir…


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