Posted by: rogermitchell | February 14, 2010


We had a very good week down at Ashburnham Place ushering in the Jubilee of the Ashburnham Christian Trust.  We began to encounter the very substance of Jubilee in the gospel and realised that God was up for giving a serious download of the kingdom of God there this year. There are various events planned which you bloggers might enjoy, particularly the Jubilee Festival from August 23rd-27th. Checkout the Ashburnham link on the blogroll. There is more about this and Jubilee generally on the Daywatch entries page that you can have a look at.



  1. Sure was a good week, Roger! Esp. enjoyed the fellowship; thanks for the invite!
    A special thanks on behalf of all interns; you def poured out much for them, while trying to make it as understandable as possible!! Class!!
    God def has special ‘downloads’ (or ‘podcasts!’) ready for staff, interns and guests!! By the way, could you send me on our email a way of contacting Ian? Thanks again, Gerrit.

    • Gerrit, a blast from the past – could you send us your current address please?

      Thanks, Terry

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