Posted by: rogermitchell | April 4, 2010

THE political act

On this Easter Day I woke up thinking about Tom Wright’s statement that the resurrection is the political act and thought it might be a very good moment to reflect on it. I’m thinking that not only is it the affirmation of the kenotic way of life but re-presents the gift of  a now incorruptible, indestructible, unconquerable Christ to the world. There is more than normal hope in this! The resurrection is the challenge to reconsider every apparently intransigent human situation with renewed hope. Thoughts and comments please …



  1. Roger:
    Yesterday evening I watched a Bill Moyers interview with Jane Goodall. She was very interesting as she spoke a lot about spirituality, and knowing that we are not here by chance, and our spiritual responsibilities to each other and the planet. In terms of political challenges nothing trumps the condition of the planet. Nearly 18,000 species are in danger of extinction and the list grows daily. We are now into the 6th great extinction and it is moving faster than it ever did in the earlier 5. We know the outcomes for this are likely not good for the human species either. But Goodall has hope, great hope about the situation. I always find it helpful to listen to someone who knows the facts and yet still has hope. She might not name Christ but there is no one else in which to place one’s hope at the moment.

    I thought about her comments later and realized that all of politics and economics will change in the future. Everyone’s prime responsibility/job/career will have to do with earth caring and earth tending. That will be the focus of the future. And that will also be a political revolution.

    If you have a free hour I encourage you and others to watch this interview:

  2. Hi Roger,

    Love the thoughts surrounding kenarchy and its implications, but one area that I always seem to struggle with is eschatology. Specifically the representation of a returning warrior Christ that just seems so at odds with the Christ of the sermon on the mount and Phil 2. Would be great to hear some of your thoughts surrounding kenarchy, empire and its implications for eschatology and judgment.

  3. Hi Pete,
    You hit the nail on the head here. It is so important that I take up your point in today’s post. Are you aware of Martin Scott’s super work on eschatology that you can click onto via the blogroll on this site?

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