Posted by: rogermitchell | April 18, 2010

the repositioning of the ecclesia

I have spent the last few days together with some of the friends who have been observing and experiencing the repositioning of the ecclesia over the last decade or more that I believe to be the characteristic of the post-Christendom era. The excitement surrounding this is huge for me. As is clear from this blog over the past five months of its existence I see this as the consummation of three generations of Holy Spirit visitation that has the potential to achieve a re-orientation of the people of God within the world that can at last fulfill his purpose in creation and incarnation. But this requires the collaboration of forerunners among the people of God and in particular a radical transfiguration of their mindset and location within the world. Over the next few days I will once again attempt to set out some of the implications of this both on new blog posts and by adding material to some blog pages as well as making it the subject of this month’s Daywatch. So watch these spaces!



  1. Lookin’ forward to reading these future posts Roger. It’s the transformation of our mindsets (and the outflow of and from that) that interests me and I’m so aware of the rigidity of the boundaries around my mind that need breaking…

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