Posted by: rogermitchell | May 18, 2010

The cross and confronting the powers of evil

I think it is true of many people, and it is certainly true of me, that a personal experience of battling with evil powers has characterised our life experience. It is in this context that encountering Jesus and his overcoming life has been both personal salvation and incorporation into a revolutionary body of love. This brings together what I perceive to be the two essential and inseparable factors of full humanity: being and doing.  Being saved and Doing the work of the kingdom of God.  This is what Jonas is sensing in his remarks about the last post. As he puts it  “I tend to think that non-violent or non-resistant Christians (like the Anabaptists, Quakers and others) sometimes has neglected that confrontational-aggressive aspect of the cross. I really believe in non-violence, enemy love and servanthood, but only if this is the other aspect of a real battle with evil and the powers. The cross is what happens when we confront the powers and hierarchies with the reality of the kingdom of God.” The Being aspect of full salvation belongs to the radical Christians like Anabaptists and Quakers at their best, but sometimes expects a quietest radicalism to achieve justice by example rather than by aggressive confrontation. The cross represents not only the power of the example of being good but the deliberate positioning of doing good in the face of the being and doing of evil represented by the powers.

Much follows from this, not least the existence of evil and the necessary potential existence of dualism and alterity if God really is love. More anon as I take up some of Cheryl’s and Stephen’s comments from the previous post. More to follow …


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