Posted by: rogermitchell | June 7, 2010

Michael Moore a contemporary prophet

Sue and I watched Capitalism: a love story last night. Probably Moore’s best offering so far. Of course he is a bit of a conspiracy theorist and utilises Holywood’s own hype, but he’s a son of peace in my book, and as he says, given the evil face of western capitalism, we must DO SOMETHING. Shame that the final gospel song ‘they laid Jesus in the grave’ has no hint of resurrection as God’s great political act. But we can hardly accuse him of theological inadequacy given the western church’s culpability for the system he so justly rails against. Thank God for his prophetic insights as far as they go.



  1. I have been reading MM since Stupid white men and couldnt agree more about him being a prophet.
    watching his latest offering left me with a bad taste but a renewed determination to make sure the poor ordinary people of this world get the chance to see the possiblities the kingdom offer them.

  2. Speaks volumes, doesn’t it, that Moore is able to do his thing still in films. Whereas Mark Thomas has pretty much disappeared because the networks are scared of him, but he doesn’t have access to film as a platform.

  3. I just found that amazing footage of Thomas interviewing the Indonesian General, under the guise of providing PR training at a Greek Arms Fair. What the international community and Amnesty failed to do, Thomas achieved – a confession that Indonesia uses torture and oppression against its own people.

    Here it is:

  4. I too follow MM and marvel. But it reminds me of something else. I also watch Jon Stewart despite his sometimes juvenile humor. I watch because he too uses humour to express his outrage at events and at those who harm others. Stewart was recently voted the most trustworthy newsman in America. Stewart is a comedian, not a newsman, journalist or broadcaster. He spoofs the news and lambasts the regular media. We live in a weird world when it is the comedians who care and who are the most trusted to present the truth about world events. Are they holy fools, prophetic clowns? c.

  5. I thought for a while that some comedians have a prophet voice. Bill Bailey was in Shetland a few weeks back and we went to see his crazy brand of humour. In the midst of it all he is telling a joke about how strange it is that we give doubting Thomas a bad name which under the circumstanced he thinks it quite understandable. Anyway, he shows loads of famous classical paintings of Jesus showing Thomas the wound in his side. Surely this is the image that speaks of people who find if difficult to believe are then confronted with the truth of his resurrection and then DO believe.
    Right at the end he does the famous Hallelujah song in a strange style of Kraftwerk? At the end he says “Hallelujah Shetland”. So here is a comedian at the end of the show saying Praise the Lord Shetland. Was he really calling us the look again at the wounds in the risen Christ and worship him?

  6. I guess it goes back to some very old roots, Cheryl. The original function of comedy in Greece was to hold up a mirror to the social powers and expose their absurdity or triviality or other failings. I suppose this carried through to the medieval jester as well who, suposedly, was the one person who could tell a king the truth and keep his head.

  7. Its kind of fun isn’t it, that God chooses to speak through comedy. We are all so much more receptive to hard truths when they are seasoned with a bit of humour. c.

  8. This is a particularly interesting line of thought when a number of Jesus’ contemporary friends and mine, not least the likes of Gareth Richards [] and Tony and Claire Trivino have been venturing into the field of comedy!

  9. comedy seems to be able to speak truth into places that no other medium can.comedy is able to reach places that cannot be reached otherwise.
    In inner cities people use comedy to talk about the difficult things in there lives

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