Posted by: rogermitchell | July 20, 2010


My research into the interface between the ecclesia and empire in the history of Christendom has convinced me that this has resulted in a partnership between church and sovereignty that is alien to God’s being as incarnated in Jesus and carried by the Holy Spirit. I think that this has seriously corrupted theology and misconstrued the people of God. But it has not made me want to deny my roots as a catholic, protestant, evangelical, pentecostal, charismatic, toronto blessed believer but rather to radically prune and redirect my future growth together with that of any of the rest of us who are up for the next stage of the journey!

Having spent the last few years engaging the rational rejection of transcendence that the horrors of Christendom understandably but regrettably bequeathed modern thought I remain more than ever grateful for the Holy Spirit’s ability to journey with the confused would-be disciples of Jesus as well as apparently misbehaving by keeping company with many who reject who they so far perceive him to be. If you wonder what leads me to post this today, apart from I hope, the Holy Spirit, it has been reading a not very sympathetic or objective history of early pentecostals that made me realise that despite so much they got wrong, how gladly I embrace them!



  1. Boy Roger, you’ve really been round the block haven’t you when it comes to Christian/church life. Look at all that amazing wisdom you’ve gathered along the way. c.

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