Posted by: rogermitchell | September 24, 2010

With God on his journey

I am in Wales to shift some spiritual strongholds this week and continuing writing up my research while so doing. But this morning I caught up with an old acquaintance and fellow blogger, Mark, who is exploring new and sometimes uncomfortable places on God’s journey but clearly loving it. It is so good when you meet up with a fellow traveller who is up to a similar place on life’s narrative. We were sharing about the amazing way that Jesus exegetes the Old Testament and agreeing together that any reading of it that does not accord with the God who is like Jesus won’t work for us. Among other things we were reviewing the way that God insists on staying in the midst of his people even when they seem to be in the wrong place or doing the wrong thing. Apparently the cross is the way that he sucks up the rubbish and remains faithful to us. But then he wants to lead us on into new places on the journey that are progressively more loving, more fun, more costly, and more to the blessing of the most needy and hurting around us. Thanks Mark and thanks Holy Spirit.



  1. Hello Roger,
    I am pleased that somehow I have been able to find you…I love you work in this blog…I have always admired you and you work for the Kingdom… i am sorry that somehow we got disconnected, I hope to sty in touch. Please visit my (incomplete and still a work in progress) blog, or our Organization fan Page on Facebook!/D2O.World

    Hope to hear from you

    Ross Piazza

    • Thanks for this Ross,

  2. Where else would we find a lens through which to view the whole of God’s dealings with humankind except in Jesus. His fulfillment of every prophecy of salvation is the only context in which we can understand the OT and the fact that he is such a fulfillment is the reason why the OT is still the foundation of a proper understanding of God’s purposes. Theology can provide us with a system of belief but that system is simply the outworking of God’s narrative, God’s monologue, God’s sermon, God’s very Word through the whole of history. Jesus is Alpha and Omega, the first Word spoken as He will be the last Word spoken.

    • Hi there, I agree mainly. But your approach feels a tad didactive, even a bit corrective! I’d like to get a better feel of where you are coming from. Do you have a blog too?

      • Didactic perhaps but not corrective (at least not at you). There are more who read and speak that who read and comment if you catch my drift

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