Posted by: rogermitchell | November 9, 2010

the authority of love and the authority of empire

When God drew out the authority of the Roman Empire by confronting it with love throughout his 33 or so years of human life, it revealed violent torture and murder to be the embodiment and guarantee of its power. So we shouldn’t be surprised that water boarding and the possession of weapons of mass murder are revealed as the authority behind our western world as manifest in the George Bush interview in today’s  UK Times newspaper. But of course this does mean that the west is an empire as opposed to the kingdom of God as Rome was in Jesus’ day and that as his followers increasingly understand this and live out his loving authority it will be revealed more and more. And that this will sometimes get us waterboarded, crucified or whatever. So let’s never forget that he rose from the dead and that this is, as bishop Tom Wright of Durham has declared “the political statement” of the ultimate triumph of the authority of love.



  1. Roger:

    Bang on. Here is a lovely wee posting from Noam Chomsky I found today that also connects the corporate stuff into American/empire politics.


    • Noam Chomsky is a razor sharp contemporary prophet in my book!

      • Yep heonour that guy!

  2. On rereading this post, Roger, I remembered something I thought when I read it originally…we live in the dying throes of a western empire – it thrashes about like a monster with its head cut off and, as with the Roman empire, will hurt people (or people groups) as it does so. No empire dies well…and this process could take a while.

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