Posted by: rogermitchell | November 17, 2010

I believe in the Holy Spirit

The comments by Billy and Cheryl in response to the last blog sum up what many of us feel at times. And not without reason. What is the evidence that the kingdom of love will ever bring about substantial change and how many people really care anyway? Without the encouragement of the Holy Spirit I for one would have given up the struggle long ago, in fact would never have started on this journey.  But it’s not simply that the Holy Spirit carries the kingdom and makes it real in and around me. It is that the intensity of his presence, especially since the third move of the nineteen nineties, has exposed acutely the depth of the antichrist, empire, Christendom, beastly kingdom thinking in me, in the ecclesia and in the western world system [choose the best description or find another]. This stuff is so powerful that it constantly colonises every superficial aspect of apparently Godly behaviour and thought that is not brought captive to the obedience of Christ [2 Cor 10:5]. So although the past century has been rightly called the century of the Holy Spirit, in which God took a lowly place among us, the imperial theology of Christendom thinking rapidly penetrated the primitive Pentecostal experience with hierarchy, capitalism, racism and sexism.

We needed to discover how to renew our thinking in the light of the experience, whereas the rules of the beastly kingdom always insisted that we must do the opposite. While charismatic renewal extended the Spirit’s levelling grace within the mainstream churches, the same deep structural tendency to assimilate it within an overall beastly hierarchy continued in the name of order and accountability. When the culminating third wave of blessing came in the nineties overturning respectable behaviour, manifesting the new creation and accompanied by the prophetic call “I want my church back” it was rapidly ordered, qualified and tamed according to imperial modes of thought. But if these visitations really were inroads of the kenotic Spirit of love, then the very efforts to control him will have opened up crucifixions, deaths and resurrections, places where forgiveness like that poured out by Jesus and Stephen provides the Holy Spirit deconstructive passage into the deep mindsets of the beastly kingdom. Down into the new and old misformations of the ecclesia to initiate the scattering and exile of the people of God within and throughout the world system for its downfall and resurrection. This is, I believe what is happening. So despite the trials I am full of hope. I believe in the Holy Spirit.



  1. This is so encouraging…particularly the part about his kenotic Spirit of love pouring into the ecclesia to initiate our scattering and exile from that place of taming according to the imperial modes of thought. Love the language!
    Each of us has to work through that personally and we must work through it corporately if we are to see transformation. I too see this as part of what God is doing these days.

  2. It seems to me that when challenged the imperial, beastly spirit tends to over react. It tries to crush anything that appears to be dissent. So I take heart from all the nasty politics, the nastier right wing church stuff, the unbelievably stupid, ignorant folly that seems to rule all through the amplification of a blind and even dumber media (I’m running out of descriptors) because that shows, I hope, just how powerful the past and current moves of the Spirit really are.


  3. I too believe in the Holy Spirit.
    Its just that after the Nineties I was left feeling a bit confused to what had gone on.Yes the spirit was being poured out and yes our flesh was being offended.And I think that those restricting structures were being challenged ,but I was still left thinking “what was that all about?”

    I wanted to see the kingdom become our priority but church structure got in the way,I also wanted to see this move of the spirit taken out to the rest of the world but we became self indulgent.So I backed of the idea of the spirit moving and bringing about massive change.And decided to concentrate on doing the simple things Christ asked of me.Love one another feed the hungry and so on.But I feel like I have come full circle again and stand face to face with the fact that I cannot do it without the Holy Spirit in fact I dont want to do it without him.
    But I cannot go back so now I must look forward again and try to connect with what he the Holy spirit is doing in the world today,
    Thanks Rog for your wisdom on this

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