Posted by: rogermitchell | November 22, 2010

The good news Jesus brought

Tweeting is a great discipline, it gets you to stay succinct. At the same time as I wrote the last post, I put on twitter “Contemplating the impact of interpreting the Christian good news as ‘law is over, monarchy is over, temple is over, so now only love reigns’.” Having attempted to blog this as my current understanding of the good news of the kingdom of God, however, I sounded like a nutty revolutionary and realised that a succinct statement soon requires qualifying, nuancing and explaining! While the fact remains that I do believe that the good news Jesus proclaimed and lived is the declaration of the end of law, monarchy and temple, and so it is the good news that needs incarnating [living out] through all the spheres and placements of society today, it is not as simple as let’s abolish the law, the monarchy and all expressions of temple right now. But it does point the radical counterpolitical direction in which the gospel of Jesus and the nature of the God he reveals takes us.  So what does embodying the kenotic life of love inside the varied expressions of law, political hierarchy and temple mean for lawyers, police, the newly engaged royals, politicians, educators, entrepreneurs, artists, journalists, film makers, the caring professions, vicars, priests and bishops? For lawyers, as Chris Seaton replied to my  tweet, mediation for peace would fulfil the law because “mediation can be the love alternative to litigation or stalemate in an impasse.” So what do you think it means for the spheres of life you find yourself involved in? Comments please …



  1. Practising love in some of the occupations and roles that you mention will inevitably lead to one getting fired and thrown out (an aspect of the way of the cross, of course). As I see it, the kind of love that Jesus has displayed is not possible to reconcile to things like weapons, prisons, hierarchy etc. So followers of Jesus that are police officers, prison guards, politicians etc should expect being fired, or leave those positions themselves, like Sackaios [Zaccheus] left his tree and his riches.

    For my own part, trying to follow Jesus has changed loads of things in my life, and currently I´m not sure where the spirit is leading us.

  2. Last night I had to take part in a board meeting for our local learning center.The agenda was taken up by cuts to our budget and the need to lay of staff.My desire to live out this life of love and justice for the poor was tested to its limit.
    There we were making choices enforced on us by the system and putting people on the scrap heap.All of my attempts to resist this were met with sound reasoning on why we had to cut.I left feeling defeated and deflated about my ability to change anything.

    Yet on reflection this morning I realize that the words that came out of my mouth were not my own and for the first time in a while people listened with intent and agreed on a new way forward that attempts to make us less reliant on the state hand outs and more reliant on the creative powers that God has given each of us.

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