Posted by: rogermitchell | December 17, 2010

more on why the radicals haven’t changed the world

Both Cheryl and Stephen go to the heart of my last post on this issue in their customary incisive way. So Cheryl rightly hears me suggesting that we are at another fulness of times and so is asking what works change, the small steps or the big organised actions and anyway is it really possible to prevent both from being commodified and swallowed up by biopower? And Stephen is asking whether I have really addressed the question at all.  Thanks to both for taking the gift of life and time so seriously! My simple analysis is contained in the last three sentences of the post, so to restate it slightly differently it is that western radicals have attempted to reconceive time and attempt change by small steps and large, but have never succeeded in deconstructing the heart of the Christendom understanding of transcendence and so as a result the very changes they make continue to carry the seeds or roots of the unjust order they set out to replace. In our so-called post-Christendom era it is crucial that we confront and overturn the misconceived understanding of God and completely replace it by the loving giving character of Jesus. Of course this will be achieved by accessing and downloading his spirit into our situation in the spheres of creation as much as by our words. But this is the good news we are attempting to manifest as his body on earth.



  1. still thinking about this one but it seems to me the key is to . . . how do I say this. . . (‘come dire’ in Italian). . . .leave the church which is so tied up with the imperial spirit and seek to live the Christ spirit, as led, in obedience, in everyday life in creation. Many folk have tried to change/save the church from the imperial spirit in the last couple of decades. I suspect God even tried with all those outpourings. But it seems stuck there. It is, for the most part, contained within the totalitarian system, and in fact, strengthens the system. So something new.

    It reminds me of when I was a community organizer. The favourite saying at the time was that better than feeding someone we should teach them how to fish. Then a black community organizer from the States noted that there was an issue with access to the pond where we all fish and that gaining access to fish was also critical. My response at the time (this was mid-90’s) was that if we focus our energies on the single pond we will simply end up in conflict and will likely lose anyway. So we should turn around, head out from the pond (even if it looks like there is nothing out there) and allow God to direct us to the new wells and new ponds because they really are out there. Why fight with the powers that be over something that is too small anyway? It did not make sense to me. Yes, learn how to fish but find the new resources first.

    And as many of us have learnt once we leave the single pond of the official, institutional church, all sorts of new wells and ponds become visible to us and feed our lives. Perhaps not in the same way exactly but still God provides for us and others in new places and it is there that we can learn to fish, eat, and feed one another.

    Did I get what you were saying?

  2. leaving the “church” has always seemed like a drastic step to me.But I do understand why people make that choice.i have been blessed to find a group of like minded people who are willing to go on this journey with me a journey that takes us beyond “church” in the traditional way we understand it.
    But it is my belief that wherever we go we will end up in church in one way or another,so be blessed Cheryl on your journey.

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