Posted by: rogermitchell | March 6, 2011

my big three weeks!

These next three weeks sees the culmination of my research into the relationship between church and empire in the history of Christendom. I submit my thesis on March 31st. So if you have found my insights in this blog a helpful catalyst to your own thinking and behaviour, and if you are someone who prays, please pray for me as I put the finishing touches to this work. At the same time I aim to post five guidelines for a new politics. I find the symbiosis of blogging while I write up my work helpful and clarifying to my thesis. As someone who has primarily been a practitioner but is now something of a theoretician as well, it helps me to stay on target.

I am almost ready to set out what I see as the first guideline for a kenarchic politics, and will aim to do so over the next 24hrs, so if you are one of the encouraging number of folk clicking on the blog in anticipation, please watch this space over the next day or so.



  1. Can’t wait Roger…no pressure! lol!

  2. Go Roger go, get it off the desk, as I tell my students. Now I have to take my own advice and get mine off of my desk. Though I doubt anyone would have read a blog about 17th century private/public partnerships in an urban water and sanitation system. c.

    • Come on Cheryl, you could try spelling out the three most significant things you have discovered. If you have your own blog we can make sure its linked, or you can and present them as a comment here as a guest blogger or on Martin’s blog where you regularly write. This is crucial stuff for us all!

      • True – in most people’s minds sanitation is actually more important than theology or even politics. Clean water and a place to go safely and cleanly is about as basic as it gets. Just think, according to my supervisor, I am now the world expert on 17th century Italian sanitation systems, especially on the managment of cessi (pit toilets). It makes a girl’s heart proud to know that. What have I learned – that the italians were way ahead of those backward northern Europeans, they had running water piped into their homes by the 14th and 15th centuries (or earlier). Clever folk.

        The effect of boars on farmers – Joanna. Ummm. While in Italy we enjoyed several meals of boar because the father of my friends had his potatos eaten by them on his small farm in the hills. So the local hunting organization went to remove the boar and gave him boar meat to enjoy. It was good. And there are lots and lots of wild boar in the mountains in Italy.

  3. All the best Roger and I pray for clarity of thought for you. I am heading for my thesis at Masters level next year only mine might be on wild boar and the impact on Latvian farmers – not quite the same as yours :D, nothing like a bit of variety in God’s Kingdom

  4. Exciting times Rog. I am in keen anticipation for the kenarchic guidelines, and hope & pray that submission of your thesis has a profound impact well beyond your current circle of relationships.

  5. We are all waiting for it to be finished! Darrell and I will particularly pray this week.

  6. We will be praying for you. It will all be worth it!

  7. Angela and I are praying at this kairos time for you, and are continuing to really appreciate your insight and studies.

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