Posted by: rogermitchell | April 3, 2011

Political guidelines in brief

Over the last week or two I have posted the following five guidelines for kenarchic politics.

Make children a priority

Care for creation

Make the poor a priority

Confront the powers

Publicise the testimony of Jesus

These issue from a particular understanding of the Jesus who we encounter in the gospels. They represent a political direction consequent on arguing from the gospel Jesus to the character of God, and set aside other views of God.

I have taken a brief break from blogging over the last week or so, partly to let these guidelines sink in and see what comments they engender, but also because I needed the break! Over the next few days I will post some key differences between understanding God incarnationally in this way, and some of the more traditional views, and underline the political implications.



  1. Thanks for all your amazing research so far. Really looking forward to see what you do next after the PHD. Da loard’s Blissins be wi dee!

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