Posted by: rogermitchell | April 26, 2011

katargēsis (iii) the end of the temple

For those of you waiting for this post, I thought I should let you know that I am still working on it and expect to have it ready over the next day or so, certainly by the coming weekend. The more I have thought about this possible extension of Paul’s use of katargēsis, the more far-reaching the consequences have seemed to be for the future way of being God’s ecclesia.

By now it should be obvious that this blog is intended as a catalyst to theological mindset change and deliberately challenges the assumptions of Christendom. It is not that I am interested in theology for its own sake that I have set about becoming a theologian, but because the development and maturity of the church, or what I prefer to call the ecclesia, is my lifelong calling and commitment. And it is because there is such a close correlation between temple and what we have come to understand by church that I am determined to be both sensitive and clear in what I say.


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