Posted by: rogermitchell | May 8, 2011

How I understand Jesus’ ecclesia

‘Ecclesia’ is my preferred term for ‘church’, a word which carries so many denotations and connotations that I have determined only to use it when it is necessary in order to be understood at all. When I do use the word ‘church’ I have resolved to risk becoming boring by pointing out what I understand Jesus’ intention for it to be.

For those of you regularly visiting this blog, you will be aware that it is well over a week since the last post, so thank you for your patience. I am coming to a point of clarification over how I understand the ecclesia, and because I believe it is entering a new and important phase here in the West I am taking care how I formulate it.

I realise that I have been slowing down the pace of my blogging for some time, and as with this topic, my concern to blog with care and my sense of the importance of the issues at stake has been true of all the posts since my Feb 10th post on praying for the situation in Egypt. The amount of interest and traffic that post attracted, and the prophetic moment it intimated, helped me realise that we have entered a new political phase and the disciples of Jesus need to be ready for it.

Subsequent events in which the West has attempted, in my view, to hijack the positive uprisings for its own agenda, and the Middle Eastern sectarianism that is erupting right now, all make it vital that the true nature of Jesus’ ecclesia is articulated and recovered in order to be ready to serve humankind at this crucial time.

For these reasons and more which will become clear over the coming weeks, we need to be clear about what the ecclesia is, and with this in view I will begin a series of posts over the next few days by means of which I am looking for some serious interaction in collaboration. So once again, watch this space!



  1. Oh Roger – I just moved from Martin Scott’s blog site to yours to check in and see what was happening. And as I did so my thought was that we are at a point where we really need to begin to define more clearly what we hope for, see the need for, are aiming for. And then I arrived at your blog!

    I await further developments,

  2. Looking forward to it Rog

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