Posted by: rogermitchell | July 16, 2011

the inevitable economic meltdown

BBC Breakfast this morning again noted that the phone hacking revelations and News International’s woes have somewhat drowned out the more important news of East African drought and European economic crisis. Nonetheless the unravelling of Christendom’s momentous decision to mortgage the future in the cause of sovereignty and its consequences for economics and the planet, continues to play out. The fact that the Western economic system is inextricably tied to Christendom and will inevitably come to an end with it, is at last beginning to manifest. Some readers of this blog may begin to realise, if they have not done so already, that this conclusion of my research into church and empire is, for me, central to understanding and responding to what it means to be a follower of Jesus in today’s world.

So the next few posts will consider some of the economic implications of kenarchy. Hardly surprisingly other radical disciples, like Hywel Edwards, are working on the economic practicalities of contemporary discipleship too, hopefully for us non Cymri, in English as well as Welsh! So watch this space over the coming days, and in the meantime feel free to raise questions, suggest directions to take and generally use this blog and its increasing crowd of readers to bounce your thoughts off. Together we can reach greater clarity and help each other behave in ways that make a difference.



  1. Right Dr Mitchell, I have some extremely strong feelings about your latest rounds of posts. In that I actually agree. The issue is one of alignment with the Spirit of God… Which sounds so easily misunderstood, let me add some flesh.
    Here’s the way I will try to explain it: God is spirit – a spirit is more than I know, but one of the things that it is, is a vibe. EG a spirit of greed – that person is greedy, as spirit of x, that person is x and so on and so forth.
    But God’s Spirit is light, righteousness, mercy, goodness and grace. He himself is the source of all goodness and light (The Father of lights with whom there is neither shadow nor shifting variation). The WHOLE point is to be in alignment with the light. Elisha comes to mind – please give me a double portion of your Spirit, for years I misunderstood this as being “please give me a double portion of the anointing”. That’s not what I think it means, I think it can be better understood as please give me a double portion of your alignment (spirit). Elisha really understood something! And its all so very biblical. It explains things that don’t make sense else wise, like some of Jesus’ responses, where He was far more concerned with people’s alignment first and foremost “Why do you call me good? Only God is good” and why the demons kept on wanting to tell people who He was and why told them to shut up. See? You can’t get into the Kingdom on the basis of intellect, but on the basis of choice. To turn away from Gods Spirit is to turn away from The Light and all that is good. It is to turn away from all that God stands for, it’s what the Devil did. That’s what’s so wrong – turning away from God means turning away from good and all that is right. It’s just so wrong.
    Remember the scripture “The fruits of The Spirit are…” and “Those who obey the Spirit of God these are the sons of God” these are all about alignment with the Spirit of Good.
    In that thought it asks some questions about what Heaven and Hell are, maybe they are not where but more of when. When God no longer restrains Himself, when He no longer restrains His presence. For those who have chosen The Light and are light, when God “fills all” we will be in unrestrained good and get to enjoy Him our great reward – that is ‘good’, it is His nature, He doesn’t do good, He IS good. I don’t claim to know these things but its food for thought.
    With this stark world view in mind morality is very relevant and that includes when thinking about Israel. Historically not even God stood beside’s Israel when it sinned but many Christians are prepared to stand by Israel even in the face of acts of wickedness and in doing so actually bring themselves out of alignment with good and what’s right and miss the point.
    It pains my heart to think of how Christians get used by the outside factors of misplaced loyalty and its friends.

    • Thanks for this Justin. I fully agree that the deep issues are not about intellectual knowledge, but about alignment. The choice to love is a heart alignment, not an intellectual assent. I think that this is the real meaning of covenant. It is the heart commitment to attempt an alignment. Not a legal matter, but a relational desire. I see God’s choice to love us to the end, unconditionally, as the source of light that you describe. The spirit of God is unconditional love, as revealed in the incarnation and with the cross and resurrection as the consummation and evidence. I think that everything else flows from this.

  2. Roger, or as noted, Dr. Mitchell. . . I am very interested in the practical outworking of all of this. I’ve been thinking a lot about what I do after I finally, hopefully, finish my own PhD. Do I teach? In an academic setting? The advantages are a secure job (nice at age 55 after years of financial insecurity)and the chance to influence young people from all over the world. Considering the way my generation has so failed them that might be the right way to go. Or perhaps liquidate all assets, and go pour our my life with some NGO that is doing the kind of work I can support? Or are there small ways of acting out this way of thinking and being like grow my garden, share the space of my house, and continue to involve myself in local planning issues. All big and small questions right now. I await further wisdom and challenge. c.

    • It’s the adventure of love and the way to live. What a future awaits!

  3. I see no problem in being critical of the state of Israel,in fact I see it as part of our calling .We stand in the line of the great prophets who all called Israel back to God back to there calling, and into the promises of God.Those who refuse to say anything about the state of Israel and its acts of terror have failed to see the point of the role of the prophets of God.
    In the same way as we call our own nations governments to account so we must call Israel to its role in blessing the world .

    As for the collapse of our economic system it is perhaps a tad premature to say it is finished.I say this only because this system will not give up easily.As we have seen over the last few years and even months the system will do whatever it takes to keep itself alive.
    Can we see another way ?can we show another way?

    • Hi Billy, I didn’t mean to apply that the Western economic system is finished functionally as of today. But I do think it is in terminal decline and believe that your final two questions are ones that the ecclesia has the responsibility to answer.

  4. Hi Roger, I appreciate the mention. All my blogs are bilingual, though the home page is Welsh there’s a tag to find the English at the top right. I’ll include a link here as well:

    I hit a profound eschatological thought the other day that I need to think/pray/talk out. Basically, in Matthew 11 John asks Jesus if he is the Coming One (a ref to Zach 14:9) Jesus replies with the Messianic promises fulfilled, all bar setting the captives free, thereby telling him he would die in gaol.
    However it got me thinking. Other than war, the main reason for being a captive was being sold into slavery because of debt. Jesus came to set the captive free, and yet during his earthly ministry it doesn’t really figure. There is the obvious spiritual understanding of forgiving us our sin debt. And yet the Jewish way of thinking was always more concrete.
    So eschatologically, bearing in mind our debt ridden world today, what does it mean for him to set the captives free today, and bearing Eph 4:7f in mind, what does it mean for the body of Christ?

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