Posted by: rogermitchell | August 4, 2012

Working hard to deliver popular, accessible books

It will be obvious to regular visitors to this blog that I have been posting less regularly for a some time. The reason is that it’s become increasingly clear that for the proposed Kenarchy Course to see the light of day we are going to need at least a couple of fairly short, popular and accessible books that draw on and explain my research. So I am working hard to produce these as soon as possible. The working titles are The Fall of the Church and Discovering Kenarchy. The whole project will continue to move ahead collaboratively, and although I am writing the books, they are the result of conversations and interrelations that are happening face to face and via this blog. So for the next few months I have decided to post drafts of some of the proposed sections in the hope of wetting your appetites and engaging you in the ongoing process.

So once again, watch this space, and please provide your comments. The first draft section of the introduction will appear over the next few days.



  1. Once you have the material complete PLEASE consider creating audio book versions. With the busy life that many people live today audio versions of things really help us get through the material so much faster and thoroughly that written books. Speaking for myself, I’ve even listened to 20 hours + audio books more than once and I would never *read* a book that would take 20hrs when listened to more than once, in fact the chances are that I wouldn’t finish *reading* a book that takes 20hrs when listened to. But I am likely to complete a book that I can listen to whilst doing the washing up or ironing or something like that.

    • Thanks for the encouragement Justin. I hope to use all technical means available. Will shortly post a few recent interviews, podcasts and the like here on the blog to be going on with.

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