Posted by: rogermitchell | January 9, 2013

The Kenarchy Course begins: Revised Version!

We have now had time to thoroughly consider all the feedback and responses to our proposals for the coming Kenarchy Course. As well as positive responses from a good number of people there has been a lot of positive interest from folk who want to be involved but can’t quite manage the extent of time and financial commitment required for a course of the currently proposed extent.

As a result we have reshaped the course to make it more accessible to a larger number of people. Our sense is that the course will provide the relational dynamic and momentum of something so innovative that we don’t want to leave out those who seriously want to be involved, but simply couldn’t fit with the original shape.

The course will now centre around an initial introductory weekend in the Spring of 2013.

As before there will be a choice of location either at Ashburnham Place, East Sussex or in Silverdale, Lancashire. The Ashburnham weekend will now be April 5th-7th and the Silverdale course May 10th-12th. After taking part in the introductory weekend, it is hoped that some will want to continue further in this exploration, with the options of becoming part of a virtual community with people in similar situations and of participating in a follow up “Going Deeper with Kenarchy” Weekend in the Autumn of 2013. The Autumn weekends at Ashburnham will be 25th-27th October and in Silverdale 15th-17th November.

The initial weekend will have three aspects:
i) An intensive introduction to the background research, theology and implications of Jesus’ social, political and salvation agenda.
ii) An interactive and relational exploration of the ways in which we find ourselves re-positioned, challenged and changed in our expectations, lifestyle and spirituality.
iii) An opportunity to meet and enjoy some other very interesting fellow travellers.

Those who have already received information from us or corresponded with us will receive fuller email details of the revised course over the next week or so. If you have not yet been in touch but are interested in further information, please get in touch with us right away by commenting below of emailing us at



  1. Sounds v interesting, Roger. A new expression of faith amongst believers?

  2. Good to hear from you Ray. It’s aimed at all who want to explore an inclusive approach to a life of love, taking Jesus as the starting point, whether they see themselves as believers or not. Would be great to have you part of it!

  3. The dates are my diary – so you know my response!!

    I think the two pairs of weekends give anchorage for something interesting to shape up in the intervening months and beyond – which is really in the pioneering yet highly fluid spirit of this whole adventure. Like it.

  4. Thanks for the encouragement. Looking forward to sharing the adventure!

  5. Am interested to know what it is about.

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  7. Would it be possible to send me the details for the silverdale weekend .

    • Hi Billy,
      Great to hear from you. Details of the Silverdale Kenarchy weekend are on the way…

  8. Hi Roger,

    Could we please have details of the Ashburnham weekend? Kat and Andy mentioned it last weekend to us…Thanks!

    Cate & Ash


    • Details will be on the way shortly!

  9. I’d been commenting in 2012 but seem to have dropped off the end. Can I get info please albeit the Ashburnham time has just passed?

    • Hi Matthew,
      You would be very welcome to the Silverdale Course this May or forthcoming ones later this year or early next at either venue (possibly others too). Email me at with your email and we’ll send you details

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