Posted by: rogermitchell | February 13, 2013

kenarchy as a new spiritual movement

From my standpoint, I see kenarchy as a new spiritual movement.
From the beginning there has been a collaborative crew caught up in the momentum and helping to carry it forward. I have been around long enough to see the risks of new movements getting owned by the folk caught up in them. Before long they have leaders, rules, memberships and all the familiar institutional characteristics of the partnership of church and empire that has given us the contemporary West. It is precisely because kenarchy is a move to reshape the way the kingdom of God is lived, understood and positioned in our society that it cannot and will not develop in that way.

Kenarchy is developing through the combined gifts of people in loving, egalitarian, partnership with one another and the Spirit of Jesus, moving along in and through the spheres of human life, in education, health care, commerce, the arts and the like. The idea behind the Kenarchy Course is to encourage and accelerate this process. It is aiming to do two things, to bring together those of us who have been collaborating together in the reshaping work, to share and develop where we have got to so far, and to bring into the process those who are attracted by the idea but feel the need to get a better grip on its content and application.

There is already an exciting bunch of folk checking in to the two venues, Ashburnham Place, East Sussex (April 5th-14th 2013) and Silverdale, Lancashire (May 10th-12th 2013), but there is room and need for many more partners in this move. Please join us if you possibly can, and encourage others to do so! For more details use the comments facility or email us at



  1. Hi Roger!
    Thanks for this, not sure my emails are getting through- did you receive one the other day from a hotmail address from me? Bless you Jude

  2. Hi Jude,
    I don’t think I have received any emails from you recently. What was it about? Please try again!

  3. I am so disappointed to have immovable prior commitments on both these sets of dates. I feel very called to be part of what is going on here and hope that there will be many future opportunities to engage with this work. Blessings and love from Leeds.

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