Posted by: rogermitchell | May 25, 2013

Much more to be said …..

The day or two I indicated might elapse before I continued this theme of the crucial reach to our enemies has turned into a week or two. In the time that has elapsed there has been a second Kenarchy Weekend Course. (If you are interested in attending future grassroots Kenarchy Courses please email me at

Much of the collaborative discussion that arose as part of the Kenarchy Course two weekends ago has made me even more aware of the centrality of the reach to our enemies that the cross demonstrates.
So what began as a brief meditation has become a serious attempt to articulate the core component of kenarchy, what we might call the exceptional antidote to the all destructive fulness of sovereign power. As a result, this post and others that follow, has now become a place where I share what will be some of the main content of the second chapter of the book Discovering Kenarchy that is to follow on from the soon to be published The Fall of the Church, the outline content of which was developed collaboratively via this blog.

Chapter One of Discovering Kenarchy will provide an overview of the essentials of kenarchy. This will be a development of the issues raised and manifesto formed via this blog over the last couple of years and will soon be completed.

Chapter Two will aim to excavate the full extent of the operation of love that is such an utterly different kind of power to sovereignty.
In so doing it will articulate the way in which the life-laying-down love at the theological core of the incarnation comes to a culmination at the cross in complete counterpoint to the fulness of empire. It will then suggest that this fulness is now available on a day to day basis as a way of life summed up by Jesus’ words: “If anyone wishes to come after Me, he must deny himself, and take up his cross daily and follow Me.” (Luke 9: 23) This, I now realise, is vitally important to the practice of kenarchy and requires some serious research and new work.

The book as a whole will be a collection of applied thinking from a whole bunch of us who are already working out what kenarchy means in a variety of life situations.
It will be edited by my good friend and writer, journalist Julie Tomlin, via whose gift and enthusiasm several chapters are already well under way. Martin Scott has already completed his! So my work on chapter two needs to be done this summer with some urgency and will need the collaborative help of subscribers and visitors to this blog. Please! We’re counting on you. I will begin to set out what I see as some of the key components over the next few days (really!).


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