Posted by: rogermitchell | March 1, 2014

Fellow Europeans of Ukraine hang on in there!

At the beginning of the century I helped initiate a prayer partnership for Europe. It was a partnership that involved the US and Canada as well as the nations of Europe including Ukraine. Some of you clickers and surfers on this blog were part of that. Tragically when 9/11 hit, it exposed the chasm between those who advocate peace through sovereignty, and its violent defense, and those who who follow the non-violent politics of Jesus. When some of us pleaded for people of faith to choose the way of peace many engaged in the so-called war on terror instead. No good came, only more violence, suffering and the displacement of human beings from their homes and their hopes.

But the politics of love and kenarchy flowed out of that prayer partnership nonetheless and is constantly gaining ground among grassroots people. And so we plead with people of faith in Ukraine today, including its interim president, Oleksandr Turchynov, a baptist pastor, CHOOSE THE WAY OF PEACE whatever the Russians do. Go to Moscow, go to the Crimea, go in peace whatever the consequences and ultimately resurrection will come into the situation. After all, the evidence is there in the recent history. It was not violence and war that brought down the iron curtain and the Berlin Wall, it was prayer and forgiveness and love for one’s enemies, and it is only more of this that will ultimately bring freedom and human flourishing for all the people of the Ukraine, and Europe as a whole.


  1. Left a comment last night, but didn’t seem to work. Thank you for writing on this Roger, have felt the way of peace is the only way for long time, so good to read it. Is there any recommendations of more to read on this subject? Thank you

    • Thanks for this Jude. I’m glad to say that there is great material on non-violent peacemaking! Some of which will be the content of the next Political Theology for Peace module I am currently developing on for the Richardson Institute for Peace Studies here at Lancaster University Department of Politics, Philosophy and Religion (PPR) entitled Politics of Love in Places of Conflict. But to be going on with, have you come across Noel Moules: Fingerprints of Fire…Footprints of Peace yet?

      • The module sounds fab- please do keep me updated on when the courses are running next. I haven’t come across Moules, but will look into it. Is there a recommended reading page on your blog- if there’s not maybe there should be !

      • Good point about a recommended reading page on my blog. I’ve recommended plenty of stuff over the years but not made a particular list! My books, Church, Gospel & Empire & The Fall of the Church have bibliographies of course, and the Political Theology for Peace module has a reading list, as will the new Politics of Love in Places of Conflict module. But I’ll have a think about it.

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