Posted by: rogermitchell | June 11, 2016

prophetic vision

As I see it there are two primary current understandings of the church. While there are some overlaps between the two, they are very different, even opposing visions. They can best be summarised as the sovereignty and love perspectives.

From the former perspective, the church represents and imposes the sovereign rule of God onto the world, with varying degrees of mercy for individuals and nations who accept the sacrifice of Jesus on their behalf. The end game is when the sovereignty of God is established universally and all the enemies of such rule are judged and removed. In the second way of seeing things, the church represents and embodies God’s out-poured love for the world and exists wholly for the benefit of the world, seeing itself as the present day body of Jesus. The end game is to discover and include as much as possible that promotes overall wellbeing in the practice and worldview of all humankind, soaking up and overcoming all the implications of un-love. To this extent it overlaps with the sovereignty vision of church because it desires to include those who hold that perspective together in the kingdom of God with the rest of humankind. As should be obvious the two visions sustain very different orientations, lifestyles and politics!

My experience of following the gospel Jesus and embracing the fulness of his Spirit has led me to the latter, life laying down, kenotic expression of ecclesia as a gift to the world, not the imposition of God’s sovereign rule.

This is outworked theologically in my recent books, papers and podcasts (expect more of the latter), and is the motivation for my sociopolitical comments and theopolitical activism. My wife and partner in radical thought and action for the last 45 years is Sue Mitchell. Her prophetic insights on the world season and scene has helped contextualise the thinking of the growing network of kenarchists whose friendship and relationship informs this blog. With me, the milieu in which our thinking has grown and developed has been the Pentecostal/ Charismatic outpourings of the 20th century and the mainstream renewal and new church movements that they inspired, particularly in their expressions in the UK. Over the last twenty years she has been informally publishing a series of insights into the coming seasons, events and experiences affecting in particular the continent of Europe, and which are therefore relevant to the coming EU referendum. I have decided to devote a new page of this blog to her insights, beginning with her latest prophetic vision for the coming four years Facing 2016-19 A Backward and Forward Look. If you scroll down the page you will find some of her earlier publications in reverse order to help contextualise the most recent. They reflect the kenotic understanding of the ecclesia as a gift for the whole family of humanity and so are themselves offered as a gift to all who take the trouble to read and engage with them.


  1. Sovereignty doesn’t want solutions or change, it just want to keep its place. The tragedy is that the better way lies just under the surface of events and circumstances but sovereignty will never take it. It’s far too dangerous and costly and self-defeating for those in power. It needs a special (kenotic) grace to go down into depths and deliver. I came across this video from an ex-CIA agent that seems to me to express well the alternative way to go. It’s what a politics love would be all about.

    I hope this link works….!

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