Posted by: rogermitchell | June 23, 2016

the family of God overcomes empire by remaining in

Caroline Ibrahim asked me a question on Facebook today that is highly relevant to many Christians who swallow a classic Pentecostal/ Charismatic eschatological take on the EU that is as wrong footed as could be! For a fuller treatment of this read the final chapter of my The Fall of the Church.

Here is her question on Facebook and my brief answer:

I would love to know what you make of the ‘demonisation of the European Union’ and whether any links to the book of Daniel are valid. a while ago i was working my way through Martin Scott’s podcasts on revelation, think i will retreat back to them again soon. my instinct says vote in so that’s what i will do despite backdrop of fear by some Christians

I believe that the statue in Daniel refers to empire generally which has culminated in the whole western world today, including the EU. However, the core theme of Daniel is that God’s people belong IN the empire but in an opposite spirit. In my view some of the founding fathers of the EU were operating in the same “opposite spirit” as Daniel. It is this opposite spirit that comes in its fulness in Jesus, the stone uncut by any human hand. The spirit of empire is manifest in the delusion that peace comes through the use of both political and personal sovereignty. The family of God is characterised by love for all the families of the earth. Our separation from empire, means that we remain within it, but as exiles and aliens who live, like Jesus by, for and through life-laying-down loving. This is what some of us call kenarchy to distinguish it from sovereignty. So this is why I continue to plead “For love’s sake vote remain!”.



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