Posted by: rogermitchell | September 16, 2016

Putting Love First

This has been a very busy and eventful two weeks for me, beginning with the Westminster Theology Centre residential at the University of Wolverhampton Telford Campus where I taught my module in Peace, Reconciliation and the Politics of Jesus. If anyone is interested in studying part time with WTC here is the link to their website:

Then last Friday I gave a talk entitled “Putting Love First” to the Faith in Politics Group at Ashburnham Place. People liked it and my good friend Michael Lafleur from Mississauga, Canada, happened to be there with his wonderful expertise and recording equipment so here it is for anyone one who would like to hear it:

This was followed by the SPARKS event for activists, which was a very stimulating time to say the least. I highly recommend it if you are one, and I will post about next year’s event as soon as the dates are confirmed. In the meantime you can address any inquiries about it via the Ashburnham Place website And what a place that is!

After Sparks it was a privilege to attend the Ashburnham community celebration around the camp fire on a balmy evening and listen to Brad Jersak present his beautiful Gospel in Chairs. You can access that on YouTube here: I highly recommend it.

This was followed on the Monday and Tuesday by a Theology Dig around the theology of the Kingdom of God. There was an extraordinary gang of both academic and ordinary theologians as well as hands-on workers among the poor and marginalised. Watch this space for outcomes in due course!

I returned home to two days of meetings at Cornerstone in Lancaster with theologian Michael Hardin organised by my friend Francis Dawson. Michael is co-editor with Brad Jersak of the excellent compendium on non-violent atonement Stricken by God? It was wonderful to have Michael staying with us out at the friary here in Silverdale.

Finally can I invite anyone who is looking for the opportunity to apply kenarchy to their daily work lives to consider taking my Lancaster University postgraduate distance learning certificate of accreditation in Political Theology for Peace this coming Lent term? It is very sensibly priced at around £721 for the 10 weeks. Now is the time to register if you are up for this. Here is the link: Don’t be put off by the description “full-time” – that simply means that it takes 10 weeks but is ideal for those in full-time occupation.



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