Posted by: rogermitchell | May 29, 2017

So what for the coming UK general election?

I was invited to be a guest blogger for @nomadpodcast in the run up to the general election. Here’s my take as a disciple of Jesus on where things are at:


  1. A great piece which is one of the few comments i have read in recent months that goes beyond the superficial one side is good, the other is bad analysis. We are facing an election where for the first time in a meaningful way, we have choices that go beyond red vs blue with a sprinkling of green, yellow and grey. The emergence of the progressive alliance offers a realistic option as does some of the newer Independent candidates such as Paul Sanderson in Bognor. Let us hope and indeed pray that there is a break through in some of these spaces.

  2. Thanks Roger, that is very good indeed – succinct, clear, and engaging. All the best and hope to see you both soon.

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