Posted by: rogermitchell | December 31, 2020

A dire day and little rant!

I am so sorry that today has come and tomorrow the UK will be outside the EU.

Brits like me, who see themselves as firstly European and only secondarily, in my case, as English, are now involuntary exiles, disenfranchised and without the freedom of movement with which we have enjoyed our extensive homeland throughout our adult lives. Earlier today the UK Prime Minister Boris Johnson assured us that the UK is still part of Europe and we haven’t left the continent, only the EU, but that is small comfort given that we can no longer exercise our democratic vote, live and work anywhere we wish in our twenty-seven brother and sister nations and visit and receive visits from our European friends whenever and for as long as we wish. What is worse is that we have cast aside the real vision for the European Union, which was not primarily just a trading block but a growing community of peace and mutuality.

Worst still is that the misguided desire for the sovereignty of little Britain has won the day.

A dark stream that has long haunted our history, rooted knowingly and unknowingly in a horrid British exceptionalism, xenophobia and white supremacy has surfaced. Sooner rather than later the destructive implications of all this for human flourishing across our islands will become obvious, and the task of restoration will gain support. But I remain sad that this setback to overall wellbeing has come to pass. As I have said before in previous posts, I have friends and relatives who voted leave and who are good people. What I am not prepared to say is that they were right. I thoroughly love and forgive them, but I think that their action is having and will continue to have dire consequences on life in these islands particularly among the young, the poor, immigrants and asylum seekers and those to whom the kingdom of God primarily belongs.



  1. So sorry for you all, for this sad ending to an already sad year. The last thing we need is more breakdown and connection between countries and peoples. Thank you Roger, for all you poured out to teach and show what could have been a better way to work through to solidarity and unity.

    • That should have said, “breakdown and separation”. Connie

  2. A perfect summary of where we find ourselves, I couldn’t agree more Rog. As a third nation, we will have to buy a Visa under the ETIAS system to be allowed to enter any of the 26 Schengen member countries from 2022. It all just reinforces the separation. A sad day indeed.

  3. My sentiments entirely. Thank you for stating them so clearly.

  4. Exactly.

  5. Hi Rog. Totally agree with you – such a sad day. Al

  6. I agree with your sentiment 100% …. I’m staying in Europe though …. wild horses.

  7. That about sums it up. Building on a foundation of lies and deceit will not end well. Very thankful today for my Irish passport.

  8. For me one of the worst part of this whole process that began with the 2015 General Election was how some people used theology to claim that Christians must vote for us to leave the EU. Sadly there may well be many more challenges in the EU and there certainly will be in our nation.

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