Posted by: rogermitchell | April 5, 2021

Core theology in bite size chunks

I have blogged previously on the way that intercessory prayer prepared the way for intercessory theology. That is to say that in the forward movement of the life of the kingdom of God, at the dawn of what might be the third millenium after Christ, the trinity prompted our collaboration first in prayer and then in radical theology. This past Good Friday my friend Martin Scott recorded four 12 minute interviews with me on some of those aspects of theology that I regard as core. The idea is to make my books and writings more accessible by offering a brief way in.

Please excuse my occasional over-enthusiasm that causes me to insert my head too far up the camera!

You can find these on YouTube as follows



the cross:

the politics of love, or kenarchy:

If you want to dig deeper, then as well as trawling this blog you might want to have a look at my Academia site:



  1. Great summary of your passion and discovery that can unite people to change society where they live.
    Good to hear you Roger 😀

  2. Hi Paul, Thanks for your comment. I certainly pray for that unity in action!

  3. Reblogged this on Andrew James.

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