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  1. Roger, I trembled as I listened (finally got it to work). So, so good and important!!!!

  2. YES! YES! YES! (Lynne)

  3. To support Lynne’s comment (she rarely comments on anything), that is so good and so much how we see things. We could tell tales to illustrate the point, but maybe another time!!

  4. Now that’s what I call music!!! I’m weary of certain kind words, said in certain sorts of ways, but this – you, video, your passion and your words – this works on every level. It works. More please. More! More! More!

  5. Hurray!!! Excellent, love it…. would love to hear more of your thoughts on what leadership looks like in this context. Living to serve humainty in a way that frees people up from forms of leadership that hold back, sometimes crush… where people live equal… How do you get people out of default mode of just following the leader?? (Hope that makes sense)

    • Thanks for the comment. I hope to post a video blog on the subject of leadership among the people. This little word ‘among’ seems central to it, as in Jesus’ statement “the leaders of the nations lord it over the people … but I am among you as one who serves” (Luke 22:25-27).

      • Fantastic…Love it… look forward to the video

  6. Hi Rog. This is great and is inspiring us as we work out how to be the body of Christ here in Bournemouth-we watched this again last night on Doug’s iPad together! Love from us all.

    • Really glad you found it helpful. I’m hoping to put several more out in the same series, but am held up fighting technical problems on my computer!

  7. wow!!!! just saw this (sorry life has been multiple crises for several months now). Powerful. Yes! Absolutely. May it be. . . may we find our ways out of the various ghettos we constructed for ourselves, with all of their gates and curfews and times when we all must be safely inside, to instead simply be living with and serving those who really do not know yet, that there is another way to live and love. I must say though, I’m fascinated by the items on the stage behind you. What is all of that stuff? Did it have some sort of meaning? Stuff left over from construction? How should I understand it? c.

  8. I would add that I think we are called not just to serve the non-members, ie, humanity, but also to serve creation, the planet, other species. Ultimately we can see that as a selfish thing, that is that a healthy planet with a huge diversity of species and well-functioning systems is in our best interest. Therefore to serve the planet is to serve humanity. But I think service to creation stands on its own merits as an expression of love to the creator. The ‘church’ and its members should be leading the way on this right now, making necessary lifestyle changes, advocating and voting when possible, for governments that will care for the environment. Its funny that so many ‘christians’ seem to be way behind on this one. We follow reluctantly rather than lead in service. Strange since we claim to love and know the creator. c.

  9. Triffic!
    going in the opposite spirit…..
    getting out, not dragging people in……
    serving not dominating……
    signposting towards
    ‘Transform (society)’ not ‘revival in the church’ ……

    Strawhouse adding the rest of Creation is most helpful too.

  10. Boxes thats what I woke up thinking about at 5.20 am this morning, a culmination of too much coffee yesterday, the first exercise class in a long time, a prayer meeting which was nothing related to this, and some thoughts from the holy spirit. Was thinking along the lines, What if the box could be turned inside out, what if the box could be turned upside down, what if everything we know or we think we know is not. What is God going to have to do to get our attention? This word on the video really summed up for me much of what I am sensing internally. How could we possibly see a move of the spirit within the confines of a box & even if we did, we could not contain it, nor was it ever meant to be contained. People have preached for the last few years about the days of the saints, they are here, but it takes a lot for those of us who were brought up in structures to feel liberty to listen to that still small voice and follow him into our destiny.
    Thanks for sharing your wordpress link on Martin Scotts, that is how God led me to listen to this, phew – I am not alone

  11. Roger, you certainly meat packed a ton of message into those six minutes. I hear you loud and clear. As some one who as been on an accelerated learning curve these past 18 months my challenge, as someone called to business and finance, is identifying existing business models that lend themselves to servant-hood, in that they empower others as a priority. The franchise model is revealing itself as a good starting point.

  12. Hey Roger so good to hear your heart and mind again after 12 years – now living up past Penrith and working in youth offending and working out what it means to be church. Inspired and stirred by your blog. Keep it coming.

    • Hi Paul, let’s meet sometime before long. Have you encountered Richard Passmore who has recently come into the area (Based in Kendal) working on Fresh Expressions and other more radical initiatives within the Anglican diocese of Carlisle? Cheers, Roger

      • Yes I’ve heard of Richard but never met face to face via a friend who works for the Diocese and yes it would be lovely to meet up in the New Year – let us know a where and when you might be free, if a walk in the Lakes or chat in a cafe is good then suggest away – I’m guessing you have my email add from signing up to your blog. Looking forward to meeting.

  13. Hi Roger, I read your book “Church, Gospel & Empire” about a year ago, have just read the short version “the Fall of the Church” today and listened to your short video. I live in East London South Africa where the extremes of empire, both past apartheid and current African Nationalism under tin pot Zuma, have resulted in huge economic and social disparity. In the midst of it all, the “sovereign” church continues to play meaningless games camouflaging the love of God as demonstrated in and through the life of Jesus. Thank you for working through this huge conundrum and so clearly laying bare the drivers that underpin our western culture and in so doing expose the parallel sovereign top down (big chief) culture here in South Africa. I have been inspired to continue being subversive and submissive in these trying circumstances.

    • Hi Al,
      It’s great to hear from you. I’ve had a look at your website and am excited by what you have achieved and are still up to! From 1998-2010 I was part of an initiative known as the Europe-Africa Reconciliation Partnership (EARP) which greatly impacted the background motivation to my research and writing. Among other things it undertook a prophetic re-run of the Berlin-Congo Conference of 1885 (In Berlin in 2005) and then rolled a joint African-European delegation around some key African capitals. I was in SA at the very beginning of that. Maintaining hope of change in either continent is a real challenge. It’s the attempt to do that which lies behind the initiative spelt out in my most recent blog post, as you will have seen. Let’s stay in contact and maybe find ways to encourage each other further….

      • Hi Roger,
        Thanks for getting back to me… do you remember Ian Farr? He and his late wife, Gwen were missionaries in India and more recently here in East London S A. Ian has been a great encouragement to me and instrumental in exposing me to the exciting new thinking among followers of Jesus globally. Christianity in South Africa is being hi-jacked by the shallow “prosperity gospel” which offers a quick fix to desperate people. Unfortunately Africa, after millennia of subsistence living for the masses, is now clamouring for the consumer lifestyle that we in the west are beginning to realise is no longer sustainable… and we, who have now lived out a western consumer lifestyle, here in Africa, are not in a position to raise the alarm as we are seen to be hypocritical, denying the prosperity we already have to the poor. The answer, of course, is kenarchy… easier said than done! In this context, the vast majority of our population are relatively poor… there is a virtual cliff between the rich and poor; and to drop over the edge of the cliff to exercise kenarchy without an airline ticket back to western comfort is daunting, to say the least. However, by the Spirit of Jesus, we find the grace and courage to move in the direction of the cliff!

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