Posted by: rogermitchell | January 11, 2013

kenarchy conquers by love

In his comment to my last post on the revised Kenarchy Course Ian Campbell asks “what’s it about?” for which I thank him. My initial reaction was to dash off a comment suggesting that he read my blog. But that’s unfair, it has to be that for some clickers and surfers it’s not immediately apparent. So in among the bunch of project deadlines I’m currently chasing, I’ve set myself the task of shooting off a few pithy statements of what kenarchy is. Hopefully some of these might make the connections that the plethora of material already on my blog has not yet achieved, and cause some of you to want to explore it further and may be join one of the coming intensive weekend courses. At the same time I’m adding a link on my blog roll to my friend Andy Knox’s blog “Reimagining the Future.” Andy is a medical doctor and fellow kenarchist whose visionary but practical thinking provides a good complement to mine.

So here’s one such pithy statement for you to respond to:
“Kenarchy is is all about revolutionising society from within. It is based on the politics of Jesus, who emptied out power in love for the multitude.”



  1. Hello Roger, We talked about you and kenarchy this last weekend in a board meeting we had here in the USA. We were trying to find ways to define this as well the triggers we had personally to the default each of us had to be “full of ourselves” and therefore “powerless” to change or bring change. Your definition is much shorter than our several hour long conversation about the subject. You would have been humored to listen I am sure. In any event we ended up talking about about the “fullness of time” from chapter 7 in your book. We decided the journey is the destination. The joy that simply deduction made to our LONG conversation trying to get at the subject caused an eruption of joy in our group! It was quite an experience our friends wont forget. Getting ready to board a plane now so won’t elaborate any further. Just wanted to say I wish I had your “pithy” definition a few days earlier! Love it! Blessings.

  2. Glad to hear that my pithy statement was helpful! I’m still hoping to connect when I’m in North America in the Spring

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